About Us

One year ago, Jamie Wheatley fulfilled a long term dream of opening his own gym. The dream came true when Premier World Fitness was opened in Garforth, an area with a growing demand for a gym like his in the area. The idea was to provide a gym for everyone’s needs whether the goal was to keep fit, lose weight or simply socialise and attend classes with friends.  The gym offers an extensive weights section alongside a wide range of cardio machines, dance studio, beauty treatment rooms and Physiotherapy practice.

“I’ve always been interested in fitness since I was 16 and in particular in the strength and weight side of the gym”

With this as a goal, Jamie trained as a power lifter and in 2012 he came 2nd in several regional competitions across Yorkshire.

This last year, Jamie has done 4 bodybuilding shows including the NABBA North East competition where he was placed 2nd. This then took Jamie through to the British finals in Southport which was a huge achievement for Jamie. He then competed in the British Classic in Leeds and came 1st in under 23s. Jamie is now training for some NABBA Britain competitions next year.

Jamie is also a fully qualified personal trainer; he loves helping others and motivating people and always helps anyone who is interested in changing their physiques.

 “I started Premier World Fitness to get people back into an exclusive, well equipped and friendly gym where people know each other and can inspire each other.  So far it’s been everything I hoped it would be and more but I have some big plans for the future so watch this space”.                           







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