Supplements & Clothing

We have a great range of supplements available for you at the gym. NRGFUEL are arguably the finest sporting supplements, which are not only very effective, they are affordable too which means building muscle and getting more lean with less fat is totally achievable!

NRGFUEL have been supplying supplements to the gym and body building industry now for over 30 years, they know what works, that's why we recommend NRGFUEL products to really help you achieve your goals. The difference between NRGFUEL and other supplement retailers is that NRGFUEL are specialists in fitness, they test all products they sell and back them 100% accordingly.

We also have a range of Premier World Fitness clothing for you to wear in the gym and out and about. From vests to t-shirts, sweatshirts to hoodies, there's something for everyone on sale in the foyer at Premier World Fitness.








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